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Ode to Hollywood

“Ode to Hollywood” is a German short film based on the metoo scandal around ex-Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. It is about sex, power, revenge and recurring power relations and patterns in the film industry. The film raises the question of the audience’s intellectual complicity. The film is based on the play “#meharvey” by Tilman Rademacher and the poem “An Ode to Hollywood” by Don Marquis. The poem was Don‘s departing message to Hollywood in 1929 after angrily resigning after a year as a Hollywood screenwriter. It was published privately in 100 copies for distribution to Don’s friends. “We surround art as voyeurs, and our reaction to it contains a moment of sadomasochistic voluptuousness. Art is scandal, literally a “stumbling block” or “snare” for all moralism. (…) In all sensory perceptions that we have as seeing, feeling beings, (there is) a moment of voyeurism and voracious greed. The art of the West is cinema of sexuality and dream. Art is form struggling to awaken from the nightmare of nature.” (Camille Paglia, US-American feminist academic and social critic)

Starring:  Marlene Goksch & Tilman Rademacher 
Written & directed by Tilman Rademacher
Assistant Camera: Robert Kirschner 
Assistant Director: Annika Möller 
Makeup: Sabine Schubert 
Costumes: Agnes Henrichmann, Bettina Zumdick 
Technical Assistan: Moritz Stöttner 
Narrator: Alexander Rolfes
Colorist: Lutz Forster
Audio Recording: Sebastian Struiksma 
Sound Designer: Eike Hollermann
Produced by
Length: approx. 10 minutes

“Ode to Hollywood” was shot on ARRI Alexa Mini with Zeiss Master Primes and Kowa Anamorphic lenses