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“Life is lived forwards and understood backwards” – (Søren Kierkegaard)

… and in retrospect it seems that a heart condition in my early childhood was the blueprint for creativity. While the other children frolicked outside, I created my own fantasy worlds with pencil and paper. At the age of seven, I developed a deep passion for playing the piano, which still accompanies me every day – alone or in bands. By painting large walls during school vacations and playing the piano at events, I realized at a young age that passion and profession were not mutually exclusive. So I saved all my money and bought my first video camera: a Digital8 camcorder. From then on I shot movies in every free minute – with cuddly toys, friends or with my school class.

Many years later, not much has changed in essence. My little camcorder has become an Arri Alexa and the stuffed animals have given way to actors and film sets. But at its core, the passion for composition, rhythm and visual storytelling has remained unchanged. The video “Michel & Sven – The Tablecloth Magic Trick”, which was the practical part of my bachelor thesis, won the Web Video Award and celebrated a huge viral success with 25 million views on YouTube. Since then I’ve been working as a freelancer for big brands like Seat, L’Oréal, Rossmann or Sony together with talented filmmakers all over the world. The documentary “Like Butter On Toast” was screened at many festivals and won the “New York Cinematography Award” among others. Whether in the studio or in nature, in large teams or as an all-rounder, I love the challenge of translating stories and moods into a visual language. My current location is in the middle of Germany.